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At Amusements of America, safety is our number one priority.  All Amusements of America rides are regularly checked daily by our safety professionals.  To ensure regulatory standards, licensing requirements and rider safety, the rides undergo consistent on-site inspections.  These frequent comprehensive inspections are by conducted by local and state inspectors.  We will present only rides that are modern, well illuminated and in safe operating condition.

Located on 10 acres in Florence, South Carolina, our modern winter quarters is open year round.   During the winter months each piece of equipment undergoes extensive scrutiny.   In preparation for the upcoming season we inspect, test and evaluate every component in our ride inventory.

To ensure that our equipment remains attractive and mechanically sound,  we maintain a state of the art paint shop,  ride repair shop and automotive shop.

Amusements of America also operates all food and drink stands in compliance with all applicable state and federal food safety and sanitation regulations pertaining to temporary food services.

Rider Responsibility

Riders also play an important role in having a safe trip to the carnival.  It is very important that riders are responsible and follow posted rules and restrictions for their own safety.  Before attending an Amusements of America event, we recommend that you download and print our ride height requirement guide so that you know what rides your children can ride safely.  We also recommend the following general safety rules:

Read posted signs and regulations on each ride or attraction.
Walk, do not run on the midway or ride platforms.
Stay seated until the ride has come to a complete stop and until the ride operator has given you permission to get off the ride.
Ensure that all safety devices are secure and tight.
Watch a complete cycle of the ride or attraction you wish to ride before riding it so that you know exactly what it does.
Measure your child and do not ride any rides that he/she does not meet the posted height requirement for.  Download and print our master height requirement guide for more information.

Amusement Ride Safety Video

Being safe at the fair starts at home. We encourage parents and children to watch the following safety video to see what you can do to ensure a safe visit to the fair.

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