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Thrill Rides & Attractions

Amusements of America has a large selection of today's most popular thrill rides including the Flying Bobs, Banzai, Trapeze, and many more.  Many of our thrill rides are fast-paced rides carrying a intensity level of 4 and higher and are recommended for mature riders.

For more information including height requirements for a particular attraction, please click on the more info icon. 

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ChaosAggressive ThrillChaos
The Chaos dazzles riders with its over the top thrills. Riders sit in bottomless seats with their feet hanging below them. As the claw begins to rotate, the pendelleum swings back and forth. Thrill seekers will get off asking for more!
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Cliff HangerHigh ThrillCliff Hanger
The closest thing to being “Superman”! This ride lifts you 30ft In the air and allows you to soar through the wide open sky.
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Free FallAggressive ThrillFree Fall
Riders are propelled down this 110ft tall drop tower! Can you handle it?
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OrbiterAggressive ThrillOrbiter
The Orbiter was built in England and is one of the fastest midway rides to date. As the center spins at 24 revolutions per minute the arms lift spinning the seat spindles at a dizzying 26 revolutions per minute! Hold on tight!
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RamrodsModerate ThrillRamrods
Our 70' Majestic manufactured Ramrods building has 16 cars crashing, bashing and slamming - great (safe) destruction derby fun!
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ScooterModerate ThrillScooter
Our Scooter building has 16 cars crashing, bashing and slamming - great (safe) destruction derby fun!
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Starship 3000High ThrillStarship 3000
Blast off on the Starship 3000! Ever wondering what it feels like to defy gravity? The Starship 3000 does just that! Riders stand against the wall and as the 'ship' begins to rotate, they become plastered to the wall and soon lift off the ground!
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Super ShotAggressive ThrillSuper Shot
Riders are propelled down this 100ft tall drop tower! Can you handle it?
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Tilt-A-WhirlHigh ThrillTilt-A-Whirl
The Tilt-A-Whirl is a traditional mainstay that is still loved across the country. Featuring off-center spinning, whipping going up and down hills, triple spin motion.
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TrapezeHigh ThrillTrapeze
The Trapeze is a high spinning swing ride that features 32 free swinging seats. As the ride begins to spin, the swings swing outward and the tower tilts at a 15 degree angle! Fun!
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Zero GravityAggressive ThrillZero Gravity
The Zero Gravity is a high speed, gravity-defying experience taken to new heights! Riders stand against the wall and as the cylinder begins to spin, it rises in the air at a 70 degree angle!
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