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Spectacular Rides & Attractions

Amusements of America specializes in unique, spectacular amusement rides and attractions!  Spectacular rides are categorized as spectacular, because they are just that!  Some of our spectacular rides are fast-pace thrill rides while some are gentle family rides, but what makes them spectacular is their sheer size and uniqueness of which cannot be found on most carnival midways!

For more information including height requirements for a particular attraction, please click on the more info icon. 

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1001 NachtsAggressive Thrill1001 Nachts
The 1001 Nachts is a spectacular thrill ride that elevates riders 55' above the midway on top of a flying magic carpet! The 1001 Nachts gives riders a unique free-fall experience as the carpet whisks towards the ground.

Crazy MouseAggressive ThrillCrazy Mouse
The Crazy Mouse is a spectacular roller coaster attraction with a unique twist! Like other roller coaster attractions, the Crazy Mouse has hairpin turns and exciting drops, but what makes the Crazy Mouse unique is that as the vehicle reaches the second tier of track, the vehicle begins to spin as it goes around the track!

Giant WheelModerate ThrillGiant Wheel
The Giant Wheel is the icon of the AoA midway, towering over 110' above the ground! The Giant Wheel features 20 spacious 6/8 passenger gondolas; capable of loading four gondolas per stop. The Giant Wheel features a spectacular computer programmed LED light show that will dazzle spectators for hours!

Pharaoh's FuryAggressive ThrillPharaoh's Fury
The Pharaoh's Fury is a giant swinging ship that swings passengers 50' in the air. You cant find this type of swing at any old city park! The Pharaoh's Fury was manufacture red by Chance Rides of Kansas in the late 90s and proves to be a favorite among riders on the AoA midway!

Polar ExpressAggressive ThrillPolar Express
The Polar Express is a fast paced, Himalaya style attraction featuring tubs that circle a hilly track.

Rock N RollAggressive ThrillRock N Roll
The Rock N Roll is a one of a kind bobs style ride imported from Bertazzon of Italy. As the ride begins to rotate, the tubs swing outwards and ride through the various hills and valleys.

Rock N RollHigh ThrillRock N Roll
The Rock N Roll is a modern music ride experience that features free-swinging tubs that glide through hills and valleys on a circular track. As the ride picks up speed, the tubs swing outward giving a fun bob-sled like experience!

Sky FallAggressive ThrillSky Fall
The Sky Fall takes riders for a giant 55' upside-down loop. Riders are securely strapped in their seat with over-the-shoulder restraints to provide for a secure riding experience.

VertigoAggressive ThrillVertigo
Added in 2011, the Vertigo is the latest spectacular ride to join the Amusements of America midway. The Vertigo is a giant swing tower that spins riders over 100' above the ground while seated in swing style seats.

Wave SwingerHigh ThrillWave Swinger
The Wave Swinger is a spectacular swing ride that was originally imported to North America from Zierer of Germany. The Wave Swinger features beautifully decorated venetian panels and is considered a spectacular ride in the United States. As the ride begins to spin with an oscillating motion, the swings swing outward!

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