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Kiddie Rides & Attractions

Amusements of America carries a wide variety of kiddy rides and attractions.   Kiddie rides are rides that are generally suited for small children who are not quite ready for the big rides.  Some of our popular kiddy attractions include the Go Gator, a friendly kid-sized roller coaster; the Heliport, a unique helicopter tower ride; and the Speedway, a racing experience!

For more information including height requirements for a particular attraction, please click on the more info icon. 

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ATV'sLow ThrillATV's
Kids can pick their favorite color, kid sized 4 wheel ATV to ride on! Complete with flashing lights and sound effects.
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BeesMild ThrillBees
A favorite amongst the little ones are our friendly flying Bumble Bees. Each Bubble Bee seats 2-3 children and slowly raises and lowers as it flies through the air!
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Construction ZoneLow ThrillConstruction Zone
Grab your hard hat kids and pick your favorite construction vehicle to drive! Kids love this adorable attraction that features a variety of different colored dump trucks capable of seating two kids in the cab and even an adult in the truck bed!
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DinosaursLow ThrillDinosaurs
Go back in time to the prehistoric period and ride on one of our friendly dinosaurs!
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Far West TrainLow ThrillFar West Train
Saddle up and head west, riding the rails on the Far West Train!
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Flying ElephantsMild ThrillFlying Elephants
The Flying Elephants features a parade of flying elephants. Great detail and a lot of fun for the little ones!
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Frog HopperModerate ThrillFrog Hopper
The Frog Hopper is a exciting mini-drop tower attraction built just for the little ones!
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Go GatorModerate ThrillGo Gator
The Go Gator heads children on an exciting kid-size roller coaster ride!
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Hog WildMild ThrillHog Wild
It's time to rev your engines and jump on your Harley! Children love this new motorcycle themed attraction that features a train of motorcycles that pop-wheelies as they go around the oval shaped track.
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Monkey MayhemMild ThrillMonkey Mayhem
Riders of all ages love to ride on our giant, over-sized monkeys! Each of four monkeys holds approximately 4-6 people. As the center of the ride begins to spin, riders are able to control the spin speed of their monkey by turning a large turn table in the middle of the monkey.
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Monster TrucksMild ThrillMonster Trucks
The Monster Trucks, which has a full refurbishment in 2018, is a spectacular kiddie ride that lets kids drive their very own monster truck. Kid's will laugh at the opportunity to be able to drive over the top of a pile of smashed cars and other cool obstacles.
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Motorcycle JumpMild ThrillMotorcycle Jump
Kids, rev your engines! Calling all Harley enthusiasts - the Motorcycle Jump features a collection of cool motorcycles that pop wheelies and go over jumps!
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Puppy LoveLow ThrillPuppy Love
Kids will love riding on these tame, cute, puppy dogs! As the ride slowly rotates, the dogs raise up and down.
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Rainbow RockMild ThrillRainbow Rock
The Rainbow Rock is an adventurous children's obstacle course filled with cargo nets, punching bags, slides, and cargo nets.
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SpeedwayModerate ThrillSpeedway
Attention drivers! Start your engines! The Speedway is sure to thrill junior racers as the NASCAR themed cars whip around the oval shaped track. The Speedway was manufacturered by Zamperla of Italy and was imported to the US by Helm and Sons. The Speedway is a children's variation of the classic Coney Island Whip.
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SpongeBob Fun HouseLow ThrillSpongeBob Fun House
Join SpongeBob for an adventure under the sea in this bright and colorful cartoon themed attraction. The fun house is filled with fun tricks and gags such as moving floors, trick mirrors, rubber band mazes, and more!
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Tea CupsMild ThrillTea Cups
Join the Mad Hatter on the Tea Cups for a twirling experience! Riders love to spin until their hearts desire on our bright and colorful tea cup ride. A large wheel mounted in the center of each cup lets riders determine how fast they want their cup to spin.
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VW BugsLow ThrillVW Bugs
Pick out your favorite color, miniature bug to ride in! You can even honk the horn!
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Wet GatorsMild ThrillWet Gators
The Wet Gators is a fun water ride in which children ride on friendly alligators around a small moat. Each gator holds between two and four riders.
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WindjammerModerate ThrillWindjammer
The Windjammer is a unique hang gliding attraction that features seats attached to hang gliding kites. As the center of the ride rotates, the kites raise and lower with a gentle motion.
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