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Family Rides & Attractions

Amusements of America carries a vast selection of family rides and attractions.   Family Rides are rides that are geared for riders of all ages and in many cases, have vehicles large enough for riders to ride together!  Such rides include our popular Tornado which gives a family of four the chance to sit together in their own car and actually control the spin-speed of their vehicle making for a great family experience!

For more information including height requirements for a particular attraction, please click on the more info icon. 

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CarouselLow ThrillCarousel
The Carousel features three rows of beautiful horses that gallop in a circle!
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Carousel AmericanaLow ThrillCarousel Americana
The Carousel features three rows of beautiful horses that gallop in a circle!
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Century WheelMild ThrillCentury Wheel
The Century Wheel is the icon piece of Helm and Sons Amusement Show. 15 - 4/6 passenger tubs carry riders 65 feet above the midway providing them with a spectacular view of the surrounding area. In 2010, the Century Wheel received a upgraded lighting package and now features thousands of programmable LED lights! The Century Wheel provides a unique and amazing light show capable of dazzling spectators from miles away!
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Crystal LilsLow ThrillCrystal Lils
The Crystal Lils is a two story glass house that features a glass and mirror maze on the first level and fun trick mirrors on the top level. Riders finish by going down a twisty spiral slide.
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Dizzy DragonMild ThrillDizzy Dragon
The Dizzy Dragons features four giant dragons that you can spin and sit in. Great fun and a very attractive ride for the little ones!
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Family SwingerModerate ThrillFamily Swinger
The Family Swinger is a great family swing ride that accommodates junior riders as well as adult riders. The Family Swinger is similar to its big sister, the Wave Swinger, only much smaller!
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Ferris WheelModerate ThrillFerris Wheel
Our classic Ferris wheel stands at approximately 40' tall and features 12-two/three passenger seats.
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FirestormHigh ThrillFirestorm
We're not in Kansas anymore! The Tornado has 6 arms that hold four bucket seats which riders control the spin of their individual cars. As the ride begins to spin, the center lifts and swings the cars outward.
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Fun SlideLow ThrillFun Slide
The Super Slide is a four hump slide that kids ride down in burlap sacks.
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Mardi GrasMild ThrillMardi Gras
The Mardi Gras is a two story mirror maze with a spiral slide at the end, Lots of fun.
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MTV Fun HouseMild ThrillMTV Fun House
Are you ready to ROCK? Meet all your favorite rock stars in this music themed fun house attraction. Filled with hidden staircases and plenty of tricks and surprises.
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Rockin TugModerate ThrillRockin Tug
Riders will love this exciting kiddy tug boat ride. As the tug boat begins to spin, it rocks back and forth; up and down the half pipe shaped track.
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ScramblerHigh ThrillScrambler
The Scrambler is a multi action ride that twirls riders in circles. Each of the tree arms are connected to spindles with four cars. As the center rotates, so does the spindles giving riders multiple actions!
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Sky RideModerate ThrillSky Ride
The Sky Ride is a permanent attraction at select events that gives riders a birds eye tour of the midway. Each gondola holds between two and three riders.
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Wacky WormHigh ThrillWacky Worm
The Wacky Worm is a kiddy coaster that travels in a two story figure eight with a nice banked drop at the end. Fun for the whole family!
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