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Amusements of America is one of the nation's premier carnival operators.   We are listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest traveling amusement park in the world and currently carry over 100 rides and attractions.  Currently, we carry an assortment of super spectacular rides including our Giant Wheel, Wave Swinger, Full Size Crazy Mouse Coaster, Polar Express, and the ever-popular Chaos. 

Since our founding seventy years ago, with the purchase of the Ferris Wheel from the 1939 World's Fair, the company has enjoyed tremendous success. The five Vivona brothers, our experienced and insightful leaders, bring a lifetime of carnival operations knowledge to each and every one of our engagements. The integrity and reliability of our operations, built over a lifetime, is testified to by our decades long relationship with many of North America's largest and oldest events.  Our route stretches from across the eastern seaboard and Midwestern United States from Miami to New York, Ohio to Tennessee, and the Carolinas South.

We proudly support the following industry organizations:

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Outdoor Amusements Business Assn.    IAFE  International Independent Showmens Assn.
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Rides & AttractionsAmusement of America carries over 100+ amusement rides and attractions including spectacular rides, thrill rides, family rides, and kiddie rides! Check out what we have to offer you at your event!
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Fair & Event BookingsAmusement of America has select weeks available to provide amusement rides, games, and food for your fair, festival, or event!

We are also available for corporate and large private bookings.
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